I have suffered from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and seizures since May of 2014 after having an adverse reaction to Cipro antibiotic given for an ear infection. I was a previously healthy, young woman so being bedridden for 10 months, unable to work or drive has been devastating. I began researching hyperbaric oxygen chambers in November of 2014 as a way of helping to eliminate some of my fatigue and discomfort. After deciding it was worth a try, I was pleasantly surprised to find one practically in my own back yard at Bellevue Chiropractic Center. The hyperbaric chamber has been nothing short of a miracle for me. It has done what no pill or physical therapy has been able to do, give me my energy back, stop my seizures and ease my flu-like symptoms. I began to experience these remarkable results after only 2 visits. Being an RN myself, I was shocked at how beneficial these treatments were for me and could only wonder why no Dr had previously recommended I give them a try. An amazing bonus of this experience has been being under the care of Dr Jones. Out of all the doctors I have seen in the past 10 months (and trust me, I've seen a lot of doctors), he is the only one who has taken the time to reach out and check on me. He is genuinely invested in my recovery and is not only a great doctor, but a compassionate soul. If you are struggling with lack of energy, body aches or nervous system dysfunction you owe it to yourself to go see Dr Jones, he's truly one of the good guys.

Anna R.

Dr. Jones is truly an angel. I found Dr. Jones by a simple google search for my friend who had been suffering from Vertigo. Dr. Jones worked her in on a Saturday and even came to his office on Sunday to help her as well. He talked with her, provided useful information of exercises she could do at home to lessen the Vertigo symptoms. He not only is a good doctor but is very gentle, kind and caring. He listens and was a positive, calming source of information.

Beth P.

"I live in Seattle and traveled to Nashville for the CMA Fest. I sought out HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) treatment at this center, to support me while I was away from home. All interactions with the doctor and staff were lovely. He is very welcoming and we had a great conversation about my health! I highly recommend him!"

Angela P.

"The Infrared Chi Table is awesome. I am feeling warm and it stayed with me. It was very grounding and therapeutic! I definitely want to keep that going! It helped me stay present and relaxed!"

Chandelle B.

"After finding no relief for several inflammation related COVID symptoms such as extreme muscle/joint pain, anxiety, cognitive issues, ex cetera, I did 8 2-hour sessions in the HBOT chamber over a 3-4 week period. I experienced positive results after my first session and continued to do so throughout the process. I am quite certain that the HBOT combined with high quality OMEGA-3 supplements contributed to my recovery.
I plan to make HBOT sessions an annual process."

Lance T.

Kirk is very knowledgeable and kind. We have seen drastic improvements with our child. I highly recommend hyperbaric therapy here!

Raven A.

Fantastic experience! My husband loves it! Hoping to be able to buy another package of sessions soon!

Susan W.

Hyperbaric treatment is good for stress response and 🧠 , while the consideration of the staff is highly recommended for those who need gentle and direct approaches to healthy body and mind. Thank you.

Adam R.

Dr. Jones treats everyone with respect and really listens to his patients’. I highly recommend him without hesitation.

Susan G.

Big strong talented hands, that does the trick, that is what you want and what the Dr. delivers

Annette N.

The doctors and staff are so accommodating .
Hours are convenient, and you always feel good when you leave

Donna S.
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