Growing Old With Grace and Strength

From Health Alert, April 2020, Volume 37, Issue 4

It is getting close to 50 years in the health business for me. And I have indeed been blessed. I’ve had the opportunity to help tens of thousands of seniors – some just entering their senior years, others in the middle, and even lots of super-seniors.

Over the years I’ve helped elite athletes, show-business people, top movie stars and singers, and more. And these folks, whose careers depend upon staying strong, healthy, and even looking great, have aged with grace and strength.

I have helped in their efforts, and I have learned, often from them, some amazingly effective techniques that have helped them stay strong and healthy. These same techniques can also be used by you (and me now that I am also a senior). And I would like to share them with you. They boil down to a few simple principles:

  1. Good nutrition;
  2. Exercise;
  3. Good digestion;
  4. Good brain health; and
  5. Being sure to consider alternative therapies along with standard medical care with health problems.

Perhaps the most important factor in staying strong and healthy is to make sure you have good digestion. My clients, famous and not, do not fall for the fake medical news that all heartburn, reflux, and indigestion cases simply require the little purple pill or any other antacid and acid soppers. Rather, you need to understand that as you age, your production of stomach acids and enzymes diminishes. This slows the digestion of your foods and causes indigestion of all kinds.

The first thing you need to do is to test for deficient stomach acids and enzymes. Medically this testing is an expensive chore. But you can do it for about ten bucks by using the Zypan Test in your free Encyclopedia. If you discover that you are low on stomach acids and enzymes, you can immediately start to roll back your biological clock by using digestive enzymes to help you digest food the way you did when you were younger. If you are low on stomach acid, a couple tablets of the digestive aids Zypan or Betaine Hydrochloride per meal can help enhance digestion, which can help you stay healthy and strong.

And if you have gallbladder problems or even have had your gallbladder removed, make sure you use the magic of betaine – the phytonutrient from beet leaves and plants. It will help your body maintain smooth bile flow from your liver to your gallbladder and intestines. Thickened bile is often a prime cause of urps, burps, nausea, diarrhea, etc.

Use A-F Betafood (which contains betaine) by Standard Process (1-2 per meal) as a digestive aid to help support normal bile flow. A-F Betafood uses an array of ingredients, including beet juice – which is the natural source of betaine – to support healthy fat digestion. A-F Betafood supports your normal processing of dietary fats for cholesterol metabolism support. It also supports healthy bowel function. And if your gallbladder has been removed, consider using A-F Betafood for life.

As you grow older, you must avoid sarcopenia – a slow wasting away that is becoming more and more common in seniors. It is often caused by a deficiency of quality protein (eggs, meat, fish, etc.) in your diet, and/or insufficient stomach acid resulting in poor digestion of protein. One sure way to resolve this kind of problem is to make sure you have adequate stomach acid and drink a protein smoothie daily. Your smoothie should consist of a heaping tablespoon of Whey Pro Complete protein powder by Standard Process (or one of their vegetable-base protein powders). Blend it up with water or whole milk, a raw egg, some organic frozen blueberries from Costco, and a banana.

At the same time, most of my athletes and entertainers always use the master multivitamin Catalyn by Standard Process. It was first formulated in 1929 and has a 91-year track record. It has helped millions of people and is still a top seller – all without advertising! Catalyn has a “little of everything” in it, and it is a wonderful all-around product to support good health for seniors. It works perfectly with your digestive enzymes and quality protein.

You should also combine quality protein with a healthy Mediterranean diet and digestive aids if needed to get maximum nutrients from your foods. If you have type 2 diabetes or prediabetes, be sure to eat this way. The best book for diabetics is The GI Mediterranean Diet by Lindberg. Avoid nonfoods, processed foods, crystal-clear vegetable oils, and too much sugar.

I know that many people can’t even stand the thought of exercise. But all seniors who stay strong and age gracefully exercise in one way or another. Most of my clients use the book The SLOW BURN Fitness Revolution by Fred Hahn – a friend of mine. Here you can learn how to practice strength-building exercise to help you roll back your biological clock. I have helped people in their 70s, 80s, and 90s, but feel like they are 50, 60, or 70 thanks to these techniques, especially strength training ala the Slow Burn technique. Did you know that the single greatest medical predictor of how long you will live is your grip strength? Does that tell you something about strength training?

Heart disease is still the #1 killer in America with someone dying from a heart attack every 40 seconds! And yet, the single greatest cause of heart disease and heart attacks has little to do with cholesterol. Rather it has everything to do with nutrition to support your heart. A B-vitamin deficiency can weaken your heart muscle. Be sure to take precautions and support your heart by getting all the phytonutrients your heart demands. You can get these by taking Cardio-Plus (3-4 daily) for life.

Today, with all the chemicals in our environment, combined with too many prescription drugs, you must take steps to keep your brain healthy or even support your brain. If you want to keep your brain healthy, or if you already are having brain/memory problems, be sure to use the miracle of turmeric with its amazing polyphenol curcumin to support your brain. We now have a turmeric root product Turmeric Forte by Standard Process that is activated so that it is more easily absorbed into your bloodstream and brain to be utilized where it is needed.

In studies, people with memory concerns improved their memory over 18 months by taking activated curcumin from turmeric, while all the control people stayed the same or got worse.1 This is a medical miracle. And people with prediabetes who used activated turmeric did not progress to type 2 diabetes in nine months while the usual numbers of the control people developed type 2 diabetes.2,3

Even better, activated turmeric supported the body’s ability to deal with cancer stem cells (the most virulent of all cancer cells that are responsible for most metastases and tumor growth). Activated turmeric with its curcumin content supports regulation of cancer stem cells while leaving your natural stem cells unharmed.4 This is the holy grail in all medical cancer research and is still a “medical impossibility.”

Turmeric can also help with any severe and chronic discomfort you may have. Activated turmeric is a revitalizer. It is a simple therapy that may benefit all your joints. Taking Turmeric Forte tablets (2-3 daily) can help you accomplish all these things safely, easily, effectively, and inexpensively

Severe joint discomfort is the bane of senior society. And joint deterioration is common. If you feed your joints (like I and my famous clients do) with the osteofactor nutrients, you are one step ahead of this problem and you can even use nutrition as a therapy that may benefit your joints and joint problems. The mainstay of all raw ingredients needed by your joints and skeleton is raw bone powder with the marrow. No one but Standard Process makes this type of raw bone product. They use patented processes to capture all the nutrients in the raw bone and the marrow in their products Calcifood Wafers and Calcifood Powder.

A great way to use Calcifood is to include a full tablespoon of the powder in your daily smoothie. Or you can take Calcifood Wafers (2-3 daily). And if you are already in severe joint discomfort, be sure to include Turmeric Forte in your daily protocol. No matter what, without the osteofactor nutrients, you will never maintain a strong, healthy skeleton and smooth functioning joints.

Supporting Normal Repsonse To Infections, Colds, Flu, Broncnhitis, And Pneumonia

All of my strong seniors know how to use non-drug alternative therapies along with their medical care to help them resolve colds, flu, etc. You must deal with your colds and flu early and consistently with your medical care as well as the supportive products Sinus Relief, Respiratory Relief, Throat Relief, Digestive and Urinary Tonic, and more.

You can get yourself into real problems by using the wrong prescription drugs to treat viral problems. You can damage your gut and intestinal flora, which can keep you sick, suffering, and growing older and weaker for life. The alternatives to “drugs for everything and nothing but drugs for anything” as the adjuncts to standard medical care are powerful, safe, and effective microbiome regulating nutrients combined with the general good nutrition. Use them to get and stay healthier so you can grow younger instead of older.

These are the basics of some of my distilled knowledge over more than 40 years. They have been shown to be effective over more than four decades with tens of thousands of people, including myself, my family, my readers, and my loved ones. Everything discussed here is available to you (and most at discount prices) on our site. If you are not computer savvy, not to worry. We are here for you. Just call my office at 1-800-231-8063 (M-F, 7-5 PST), and we will help you.

You can grow younger and healthier. You can stay strong. You can be just like my senior ex-professional athletes and show-business friends. They don’t spend a fortune on medicine or medical care. Rather, they use the data in this article and from Health Alert along with their medical care. And now that I am 72, that includes me too! I’d also like to include you.


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